How to Keep Your Business and Customers Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has created so many new norms for us as a society. Staying home day in and day out isn’t even a second thought in our minds anymore. Not greeting one another with a usual hug or handshake, and staying a good few meters apart, has become all too familiar.

Social distancing has definitely become the new measure we never thought we would ever need to take, yet adapted to so quickly and effectively. Suddenly getting too close to someone, that isn’t already living in the confines of your home, is unfamiliar and dangerous.

Sometimes, however, effective and safe social distancing can be hard to put in place and ensure. This can be an added stress or worry for small businesses that want to gradually open to the public, whilst ensuring their safety and the safety of their customers.

That’s why it is important to put in place efficient and controlled queue management, that ensures social distancing rules are being implemented to keep your business running smoothly, as well keeping yourselves and your customers safe.

Crowd Control Barriers
Crowd control barriers can be a great help to almost any business and any sized crowd or customer queue size.

Many businesses now are limiting the number of people and customers that are allowed to enter their premises at any one time. This is to stay in line with government regulations whilst keeping the business running and operating at a steady pace. This isn’t always easy to control, with eager and impatient customers wanting to enter in the quickest time.

Outdoor crowd control barriers are a perfect solution in helping to direct and control your customer before they enter your facility. They are great for directing and signposting your consumers where to patiently wait and queue, before being let into the building safely. Chain posts barriers are a very affordable outdoor barrier option for this.

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Keep safe and carry on
Rope barriers are also great for controlling indoor queues, for example at a large bank where there may be confusion as to where to safely stand, these rope barriers are perfect for indicating where it is safe to stand and wait to be seen.

Or if you’re looking to block off any area in your building to limit the risk of indoor overcrowding, you can also try stretch-belt barriers as they are a very feasible way to do this with their light-weight and various length-stretching abilities.

So keep safe and carry on with the help of crowd control barriers, which allow you to slowly but surely re-open for business, whilst keeping your employees and customers feeling secure and safe in these unprecedented times.

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